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E5: Millennials Buying a House with Ben & Ashley: Home Buying, Affordability, 2nd Homes & Airbnbs

June 14, 2022 Wagner Real Estate Group
Seattle Living & Wealth Building Show
E5: Millennials Buying a House with Ben & Ashley: Home Buying, Affordability, 2nd Homes & Airbnbs
Show Notes

Are you a millennial who wants to buy a home? This episode is for YOU! Listen in to the Seattle Living & Wealth Building podcast as the Wagner team welcomes Ben and Ashley, a recently-married millennial couple who are homeowners, real estate investors, and Airbnb hosts. They talk to us about buying a home as a millennial (and as recent grads), detailing the lessons they’ve learned from their journey in real estate investment and Airbnb hosting.

Ben and Ashley emphasize the value in exploring neighborhoods you’re not familiar with, the benefits of hiring a property manager to manage your Airbnb(s), and the importance of connecting with a trusted advisor to guide you through the home buying process.

We also get into the nitty gritty of things you need to consider when buying your first home or investment property.

Plus… Is it time to BUY? Tune in to hear our thoughts as we answer some of your most frequently asked questions!

“This isn’t our long-term house forever but getting an entry point of a townhouse… we’ve really felt that real estate is a way to kind of grow that wealth and to make long-term goals more achievable in the short-term through stepping stones of sizing up as you go.”- Ben 

Key Topics/What You’ll Learn:

  • [00:46] Introducing Ben & Ashley 
  • [02:04] Why buy real estate quickly after graduation?
  • [05:13] Why timing is EVERYTHING in buying real estate!
  • [05:53] How much they paid for their new construction Seattle home in 2015 & Why they chose a Magnolia townhouse over a condo
  • [07:33] Ben & Ashley’s real estate journey: Choosing locations, starting an Airbnb, & getting their dream “summer home” in Seattle
  • [16:07] Can you buy a house as a short-term investment? & Do you NEED to put 20% down on a home mortgage?
  • [18:32] How do you avoid paying private mortgage insurance (PMI)?
  • [23:38] Lessons learned from being an Airbnb host: Irvine, CA vs. Seattle, WA
  • [31:54] What are CC&Rs for townhomes?
  • [32:33] Advice for people buying their first home or Airbnb & The most common types of Airbnb bookings they get
  • [42:21] ROI & Expenses of Airbnbs: Expectations vs. Reality
  • [46:43] Their #1 piece of advice for aspiring homeowners and real estate investors
  • [53:17] What’s next for Ben & Ashley?
  • [55:46] Answering the most frequently asked questions we get from clients 

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