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E6: The Housing Market Crash, The Recession, Rates, Inflation & Seattle Real Estate Trends 2022-2023

June 21, 2022 Wagner Real Estate Group
Seattle Living & Wealth Building Show
E6: The Housing Market Crash, The Recession, Rates, Inflation & Seattle Real Estate Trends 2022-2023
Show Notes

This episode of the Seattle Living & Wealth Building podcast is a MUST-LISTEN if want to get into real estate in 2022 or 2023… Listen in as we talk about the current state of the real estate market, sharing our professional advice, insights, and predictions. We’re updating you on everything you should know about the real estate market in 2022-2023, from inflation and interest rates to mortgage rates and crash predictions. 

Questions Answered:

Will the market crash? 

Will interest rates go up or down in the next few months? 

Should I wait to buy a house?

How is inflation going to impact my home buying process?

What real estate opportunities are there in Seattle?

And more!

Tune in as we answer some of your most pressing questions about buying and selling real estate and offer you our top tips and strategies for navigating the market in 2022-2023 (especially if you’re considering moving to Seattle).

“Even in a recession, in most cases, property values continue to increase. So, if you’re getting into the market right now, it’s a pretty safe bet that you’re going to have an appreciating asset one year from now and the longer you’re in the market, the more you’re going to be able to ride the little bit of volatility that happens and you’re going to have an asset five years from now that most analysts are projecting is going to be an increase of anywhere from roughly 20%-30%.”- Maynard Wagner

Key Topics/What You’ll Learn:

  • [01:05] Introducing the topic of today’s episode
  • [01:38] What is a normal interest rate? Will interest rates keep going up?
  • [03:19] Bull prediction: We’re not going to see a crash anytime soon…
  • [05:43] How interest rates might impact your timeline for buying a house
  • [08:15] What is a recession vs. a depression? What happens to real estate appreciation if we have a recession?
  • [13:27] What is a real estate market crash vs. market normalization?
  • [15:42] Pricing homes and inspection contingencies are becoming more important… That’s why you need a skilled agent if you’re buying or selling.
  • [19:44] How inflation will impact home buyers in 2022-2023: Mortgage rates, purchasing power, and more.
  • [23:20] Why you should consider a 5-year or 10-year adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM)
  • [26:46] Expert advice and strategies for buyers/sellers navigating the real estate market in 2022
  • [38:44] Our final predictions on crashes, prices, real estate trends, and more!
  • [41:25] Changes happening in Seattle: Post-pandemic expansion, light rail, climate change, & the food scene

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