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E7: Is Seattle Affordable Anymore? The Current State of The Housing Market

July 19, 2022 Wagner Real Estate Group
Seattle Living & Wealth Building Show
E7: Is Seattle Affordable Anymore? The Current State of The Housing Market
Show Notes

In this episode of Seattle Living & Wealth Building, we’re joined by Jae Koh of im3rd Media to talk about what’s happening in the real estate market right now. Jae is a Seattle real estate agent himself, so he’s here to help shed light on how inflation, home prices, and even the stock market is impacting Seattle living and wealth building.

Tune in learn how your home buying power has changed in 2022, what’s making people buy and sell successfully in the current real estate market, why people are moving to and leaving Seattle, and much more.

Questions Answered:

- Who can and cannot afford to buy a home right now? 

- How have housing prices changed in the last year? 

- When is the best time to buy real estate?

- How bad of a recession can we expect?

- What can I do to sell my home more quickly and for the best price?

And more!

Key Topics/What You’ll Learn:

  • [00:41] Introducing Jae Koh & the topic of today’s episode
  • [02:51] Market Update (June/July) & Advice for first time home buyers 
  • [06:30] Home pricing has become much more important… Here’s why.
  • [10:25] Justin’s projection for Seattle real estate pricing in the next 12 months
  • [12:17] You can now get a lower mortgage payment with less money down than 3 months ago!
  • [14:04] What is an ARM (Adjustable-Rate Mortgage)? Should I take advantage of an ARM in 2022?
  • [19:56] Are buyers regretting buying a home 3-5 months ago?
  • [26:14] The power of purchasing properties as long-term investments & How COVID impacted the real estate industry.
  • [36:56] Expert tips and advice for home sellers in 2022
  • [46:36] Why are people moving to Seattle?

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